6 Household Pests To Keep An Eye Out For

When it comes to your household, you want to keep it nice and clean. Having said that, there are certain pests that might invade your home, making that proposition quite difficult. There are various pests which are quite common. Throughout the course of this article, you will learn of 6 common household pests to keep an eye out for.


Ants are among the most common insect that homeowner's seek professional pest control for, partly due to the fact that they're an insect that will freely enter your home, helping themselves to both shelter and food. Unlike a great deal of insects, ants are quite attracted to dry areas without a lot of moisture. This penchant for dryness also extends to the foods that they enjoy feasting on. Dry foods should be adequately stored in a cupboard, pantry or cabinet, and you should make sure that any and all foods are sealed, so that ants do not have easy access to them. 


There are numerous variations of beetle that exist throughout the country, and most are quite common. Be on the lookout for the drugstore beetle, a tiny brown beetle, and the cigarette beetle, which looks similar to the drugstore beetle, as these are perhaps the two types most likely to invade your house and home. Beetles are generally quite harmless pests and they don't even tend to eat much of your food – and most certainly won't attack a human – but many people still consider them a nuisance.


Although fleas tend to exist all over the world, they truly tend to flourish in areas with high temperatures and high humidity. Fleas are problematic for pet owners, as they tend to make their home on dogs and cats who venture out into high weeds and wooded areas. You should take fleas very seriously, as they are difficult to get rid of, they can cause itchy skin, and they are known to carry dangerous diseases.


Mice are among the most dreaded of pests for two primary reasons: they are known to carry dangerous diseases, and they multiply at an extremely high rate. In rural areas, especially ones that are close to heavily wooded regions, mice can reign supreme and will take no time in setting up base in your house. At the first sign of rodent infestation, you should begin the arduous task of setting out to rid yourself of them.


Although they are generally not referred to as much as other types of pests that might inhabit your house, mites are relatively common and can be quite the nuisance to a household.

There are a large number of mites that can make their way into your home and onto your body, causing you discomfort. Mites are tiny and blend in with dust particles and other bits of tiny debris that have made their way into your home. They are hard to spot and will not hesitate to bite into your flesh.


Roaches are the most dreaded form of pest that a person can suffer through. Roaches are small, sometimes hard-to-detect, pests that will feast upon basically anything that they can. This includes everything from leftover food to debris. It brooks no difference to them. Roaches tend to love damp areas, so they will make a home for themselves in your kitchen or bathroom. Getting rid of roaches is often times a long and arduous task.

There are a number of pests that can pose a problem to your house and the health of your family. Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of some of the more common pests you're likely to find in your home. If you find yourself overrun with pests, you might want to contact a local pest control professional. Click here for more info.