Shopping for Blinds? 3 Great Reasons to Go with Aluminum

When you start shopping for new blinds, it can be easy to be inundated with options at the window-treatment store. New varieties made from wood, paper, or even plastic might seem like popular alternatives to traditional varieties, but there is a reason many homeowners still opt for aluminum blinds. Popular since their inception in the mid-1930s, aluminum blinds are a truly time-tested window-treatment option. Here are three great reasons to go with aluminum blinds for your home and some reasons why you won't regret your decision.

1. Are Eco-Friendly

With more and more people focusing on their personal carbon footprints and preserving the environment, you might wonder which window-treatment option you can look at every day without feeling slightly guilty. Although installing metal blinds throughout your entire home might not seem like the most environmentally-conscious option, aluminum is one of the most eco-friendly window-treatment materials available on the market today. 

Aluminum is one of the earth's most abundant naturally occurring elements and one of the easiest to recycle, since it has a tendency to stay clean, and this helps to cut down treatment time. In fact, research has shown that as much as 65% of all aluminum produced each year in the United States is recycled in as little as 90 days after it is tossed into a receptacle, which is why the majority of aluminum products contain traces of recycled materials. In fact, recycling aluminum is so easy that it takes 95% fewer resources to recycle existing aluminum than it does to harvest aluminum and convert it into a useable material. Also, since aluminum is more durable than other alternatives, the use of aluminum blinds means that fewer blinds are deposited into city landfills. 

Aluminum blinds are the perfect window-treatment option for anyone who is concerned about filling their home with beautiful, sustainable products that can be reused or recycled in the future.

2. Reflect Radiant Heat

If you are worried about the cost of your monthly power bill, you should stop fidgeting with your hallway thermostat and start thinking about upgrading your window treatments. Believe it or not, windows are responsible for a staggering 90% of unwanted heat gain into your home, largely because heat-generating UV light can pass through unprotected windows with ease.

However, aluminum blinds can keep all that hot sunshine outside where it belongs. Aluminum is highly reflective, capable of reflecting 92% of visible light and 98% of infrared rays. When aluminum shades are lowered, they reflect this light outside, and this helps you to keep the inside of your home cooler and reduce air conditioning usage.

Don't worry about those UV-reflective aluminum blinds interfering with your home's interior aesthetic. Some new varieties contain a decorative side designed to look like wood or to match your existing paint colors, while the other side is left unfinished to reflect UV light.

3. Are Easy to Customize

Aluminum blinds are also easy for manufacturers to cut and shape, which means that they are available in a huge range of sizes and slat widths. Owners can choose aluminum blinds with larger slats for a more open, airy feel and better visibility or smaller slats for a more subtle interior look. Slat widths vary anywhere from ¼ of an inch to over 4 inches, depending on your preferences. Aluminum blinds are also available in vertical styles, micro-blinds, and thick-slat varieties, and this makes them perfect for use throughout your entire house.  

If you are interested in installing aluminum blinds in your home, contact a window-treatment business such as Blinds Are Beautiful in your area. By opting for window treatments that are as durable and eco-friendly as they are beautiful, you will be able to keep your home comfortable and attractive—while protecting the earth.